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Sociomantic is a performance-based display player, leveraging data (CRM, browsing...) to deliver personalized banners.

  • Personalized cross-channel display.
  • Real-time bidding on your personal marketing.
  • Information sharing with your various professional tools (CRM...).
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Sociomantic is a platform that manages your advertising campaigns.

It uses, among other things, data from your CRM to provide personalized ads, and it synchronizes web and mobile data in a single interface. You can control retargeting to retain customers, increasing your return on investment.

Display / Retargeting

Sociomantic is a platform that allows you to buy advertising space on the Internet. It also helps you manage your expenses and refine your target audience. Sociomantic allows you to connect user data and customer profiles to provide relevant ads, and increase client interest.

Sociomantic uses html 5 to create cross-channel ads, which work on all systems and all devices. It individualizes each ad according to customers and the sites they have previously visited. You can create segments that are applicable to multiple clients and which adapt gradually based on their searches.

Banner ads are acquired through real-time auctions (RTB). Sociomantic has a very broad audience, with which you can have a decisive influence, allowing you to optimize your bidding costs and control your spending. You can cross-reference your customer data and bids, enabling you to vary your strategy according to your needs.

Sociomantic is used with your CRM and offers a particularly efficient return on investment, as the data exchange makes advertisements more effective. In addition, the software adjusts the frequency of your ads to stay visible without annoying your customers.


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