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AdRoll provides display and retargeting services to bring users back to your site.

  • CPM-based modèle
  • Tracking interface to analyze the behavior of your users.
  • Official Facebook Exchange Partner, enabling management of retargeting on this social network.
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AdRoll is a retargeting service that helps you to attract customers who have already visited your site. It uses cookies and dedicated ad spaces to display advertising related to previous searches.

It includes tools for tracking and traffic analysis to improve the relevance of your ads. AdRoll is also a Facebook Exchange (FBX) partner, allowing you to display ads on the social network.

Display / Retargeting

AdRoll enables you to improve your return on investment by attracting customers who have already visited your site. This retargeting service displays your marketing campaigns to specific users who know your brand, enabling more optimized campaign performance compared to conventional advertising.

AdRoll charges per thousand ads viewed, reaching only customers who are already interested. You can manage users based on products they have already seen. AdRoll provides automated banners allowing you to easily set up your campaigns, and you do not have to worry about formatting. You can use A/B testing to create the most effective campaigns.

The service also allows you to accurately analyze the behavior of your customers. You can edit your campaigns using various metrics within the same interface, which improves coordination between your incoming and outgoing data. You can use the data to accurately monitor the users of your site and determine their behavior, enabling you to create tailored campaigns.

AdRoll is a Facebook Exchange partner. It allows you to retarget your visitors on this social network. You then have access to a knowledgeable audience, with whom you can interact easily while already knowing their interests.


Usage based
AdRoll bills you for every thousand ads viewed (CPM).

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