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Criteo is a display marketing service that provides the right product for the right person at the right time.

  • Cost-per-click bids adjustable in real time.
  • AdX Tracking to efficiently identify where to place your advertisements.
  • Certified Facebook Exchange Partner
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Criteo provides you with a powerful marketing/retargeting service and interface.

It helps you to target users who will be the most useful, and gives you access to a wide network of publishers, on desktop and on mobile devices. In addition, you can gain visibility on social networks such as Facebook. Criteo provides performances analysis to help you optimize your spendings.

Display / Retargeting

Criteo is a service for online advertising campaigns (display & retargeting). You can use it to buy space for your campaign, and it optimizes the bidding costs and lets you make changes in real time (RTB). A dashboard enables you to analyze tyour performances and improve your campaigns.

Criteo has a network of more than 6,000 publishers to display advertisements, in addition to access to ad-exchanges like Google Ad Exchange, or space on social networks like Facebook.

Using the same interface, Criteo also provides a platform for mobile advertising Adx Tracking. This tool leverages insights regarding mobile users to provide them with relevant offers.


Usage based
You pay based on clicks on your advertisements (CPC).

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