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Ve interactive is a software company specialized in apps that optimize conversions on e-commerce sites

  • VeContact: a highly flexible email remarketing solution based on a real time data capture technology for an unlimited segmentation of clients
  • VeChat: a re-engagement tool to interact with 100% of the abandonnists of your site and drive conversion and feedback collection
  • Our apps are made available to all thanks to our performance based pricing model

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Acquire - Engage - Convert

Ve Interactive is the editor of awards-winning apps that help everyday over 3,500 e-commerce clients around the world increase the conversions on their site by 25% on average.

Our apps are designed to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions with a direct impact on revenue, while extending your customer base by turning anonymous traffic into clients.

Display / Retargeting

Founded in 2009, Ve interactive has witnessed an incredible growth. 4 years, 3500 clients, 14 awards and 11 international offices later, the small british start-up has grown into a trusted digital partner for e-businesses of all sizes, from new e-commerce sites to international bluechip companies like Vodafone or Reebok.

Ve interactive has received several awards for its two apps, VeContact and VeChat, that both use break-through technologies to re-engage abandonned trafic and increase online conversions by an average of 25%.

VeContact capture in real-time the internet users's data and behaviour to enable our clients to re-engage the abandonnists with highly taylored and relevant emails, for a conversion rate of 25% on average. VeChat re-engage 100% of the abandonnists before they even leave your site to collect feedback, redirect to your customer service and encourage conversion.


Performance based
% on sales

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