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Struq offers display and retargeting services to increase your visibility and sales.

  • Intelligent retargeting to effectively measure your influence.
  • Management of multi-channel campaigns.
  • Analysis and reporting regarding performance and visibility.
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Struq is an efficient multi-channel marketing campaign manager which can coordinate the majority of your online advertising spending.

You have the ability to implement a large number of campaigns across multiple channels, and to customize and control the results. You can also manage your campaigns based on browsing history of your visitors, in order to make your advertisements more appealing (retargeting).

Display / Retargeting

Struq is a retargeting service. It has extensive customization options which allow you to adjust your spending and the appearance of your advertising campaigns.

Struq incorporates advanced customization tools. Its html 5 models are compatible with most channels and devices, ensuring a unified and coherent image. You can customize every aspect of your advertising through a graphical editor, which does not require any special technical skills. You also have the ability to implement A/B testing to optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

This software lets you choose the price for each lead, depending on your goals. You can adjust your costs directly, depending on the results of your audience analysis, allowing very close management of your advertising spending. You can also make adjustments depending on the time of year that your products are most in demand.

The reporting interface allows you to track your campaigns very closely. You can determine the most profitable publishers, monitor your costs, and better understand your users, giving you everything needed to build effective and inexpensive campaigns.


Usage based
You pay per click or per conversion, depending on your needs.

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