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Testing and website optimization

  • WYSIWYG editor to create tests easily
  • Powerful targeting module to include specific pages or users in your test
  • Advanced report interface to follow results
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AB Tasty is a SAAS application created for e-marketers that enables them to optimize their website and conversion rate without technical knowledge.

They can easily test several versions of their pages to identify which one has the biggest impact on their business objectives (ex. : click-through rate on a call to action button, add-to-cart rate, global conversion rate of their website.

A/B test

Specialist knowledge no longer required!
Thanks to our graphical editor, you won't need any technical knowledge to make changes to your website. Make whatever changes you like to your pages with just a few clicks.

Create any testing scenario you like
You can create all your tests from the same interface: A/B tests, A/B/C tests, etc., as well as tests on pages behind logins, multi-page tests (tunnel) and multivariate tests (MVT).

Precisely define the pages and visitors to include in your tests
Combine unlimited criteria, whether by URL, content type, navigation behavior, device type... You can also use your own data for test targeting purposes.

Measure everything you want
Define your business indicators, whether it's your visitor engagement, your conversion rate, the turnover generated, or average cart value.

Put your faith in the figures
We save your business indicators for each variation and calculate the performance differences compared with the original. A statistical reliability indicator tells you whether the differences are significant and from what point you can rely on the figures for your decision making.

Identify the most effective messages
Use the advanced analysis features to identify the most relevant messages for each visitor type.

Use the right message, with the right visitor, at the right time
Take advantage of what you learn from your tests to personalize the customer experience for different user segments as easily as you do your tests


Monthly plans or pay as you go offers
From 29€ to 299€ for monthly plans. Enterprise plan available on quotation

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