Optimizely helps you optimize your landing pages to improve your conversion rate, thanks to its user-friendly A/B testing and personalization platform

  • Implementation in real time: as soon as a change is satisfactory, you can allocate 100% of your visitors even before deployment by your team.
  • User-friendly dashboard: the software handles technical aspects, allowing you to focus on the testing outcomes.
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Optimizely is a SaaS solution that makes A/B testing and personalization campaigns incredibly easy. While A/B testing helps you validate new designs before making that change to your site code, personalization allows you to show the right content to the right visitor at the right time.

A/B test

Optimizely helps you to obtain a better conversion rate on your webpages, testing different interfaces and allocating to each one a percentage success rate. In this way, you can immediately see which changes will make your users more likely to fill in a field or click a button.

Optimizely works for all sites and all browsers. It can identify your users by several different demographics such as language, browser, location, IP address and more, all while remaining very accessible. You can make as many changes as needed, then implement immediately with a user-friendly graphical user interface. The site transforms your ideas into code, eliminating the need to learn how to edit your own pages. If preferable, it is also possible to implement your own changes without using the interface.

Optimizely features tight integration with widely-used analysis tools such as Analytics">Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst and KISSmetrics. It also has its own reporting interface, from which you can access very precise data about your site visitors and their behavior. This ensures a smooth integration with your existing processes and software usage.

Lastly, Optimizely allows you to create accounts for all of your employees, and to manage multiple projects in parallel in order to maximize results. Various monthly plans are available, depending on the services needed and the number of visitors to your site.


Monthly fee
Optimizely offers three self-serve plans (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) and one enterprise solution (Platinum). Subscription fees vary depending on features, commitment length, level of support and training, and number of monthly unique visitors.

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