Authorize.Net is an online payment solution that can be fully integrated with your website.

  • Prevents vulnerabilities to secure transactions.
  • Numerous means of payment available.
  • Immediate purchase option, enabling higher conversion rates.

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Authorize.Net is an online payment solution which enables your customers to pay for their purchases directly on your website, through different channels.

Means of payment include credit card, phone, or even physical points of sale. The software suite is secured, and offers several options to accelerate your sales cycle. It is compatible with numerous online sales tools.

Payment systems & Gateways

Authorize provides you with a fully secured online payment solution which is easy to integrate with your website. The complete purchasing process is fully secured, enabling your customers to pay without concern, and it can be integrated with any interface.

You also have the ability to adjust your authorized means of payment according to your sales channels. For example, it is possible to link payment means on web browsers and mobile. You can also add a physical point of sale as well as a short-term store. Any device can then become a point of payment, depending on your needs.
Authorize enables you to vary the chosen means of payment. It manages cash at your physical points of sale, as well as credit cards, mobile payments or online checks.

Authorize also offers additional tools to improve your performance. You can create recurring payment processes, as well as save various means of payment.

Authorize provides you with a permanent code to include a one-click automatic payment purchase option. You can thus increase the attractiveness of your products. It can be integrated with numerous professional software tools such as Shopify or Prestashop. You can thus integrate it without having to modify your entire system.


Monthly fee
Adjustable monthly fee with a per use variable charge.

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Payment systems & Gateways
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