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PrestaShop is an online shopping software that can be customized and adapted to your needs.

  • More than 310 extensions to adapt your site to your customer base.
  • Complete product catalogue management from inventory to shipment.
  • SEO and online identity management, directly from your website.
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E-commerce shopping cart customer relationship management CRM shopping software

PrestaShop is an online sales system which enables you to create your own store, offering a complete set of functionalities. Numerous extensions can be added to customize your site.

PrestaShop also benefits from a strong community which contributes to the development of the software. It also offers advanced integration with numerous customer relationship management tools and online sales websites.

Shopping carts & eCommerce platforms

PrestaShop enables you to create your own efficient and appealing online store. You can present your product catalogue, customize the interface, and manage sales, billing and delivery. PrestaShop offers a plug-and-play solution to develop your e-commerce sales.

PrestaShop allows you to precisely manage your image through a structured interface and graphics, but also through SEO">SEO management. You also have access to a full suite of marketing tools, to influence your customers and maximize your conversion rates.

PrestaShop enables you to adapt your offers depending on your various customer types. Thanks to a geolocation tool you can change the language, adapt to different cultures and taxes, or even offer different discounts depending on the country. Your customers can create accounts and manage billing and delivery directly.

The software also includes modules for inventory and shipping management, and you can fully manage your logistics with PrestaShop. Numerous delivery services are pre-integrated with the system, preventing you from having to manage this process.

PrestaShop also offers customer analysis tools, to help you understand how customers use your website and to adapt your strategy accordingly.


No charge for the basic version, and extensions can be purchased.

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