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OsCommerce is a free open-source e-commerce software.

  • Multi-language administration and support.
  • SSL secured transactions.
  • Geolocation of customers to adapt language and tax rates.

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OsCommerce is a free open-source e-commerce software. It enables you to create your virtual store without any coding knowledge. OsCommerce has a very large user community that updates the software and its numerous extensions, as well as providing support. It includes a large number of partners to customize your site.

Shopping carts & eCommerce platforms

OsCommerce is a software that enables you to create your online store on your own website. It is open-source and completely free, which enables you to have complete control. Moreover, it leverages a large user community that provides support and regular updates. You only need to install the software on your server to launch your online catalogue.

OsCommerce is an extremely flexible solution. It offers more than 7,000 extensions that enable a high level of customization. Languages and billing and payment strategies can all be customized, and you will also be able to find numerous other open-source elements to adapt your website.

OsCommerce enables you to manage all the different elements of your website from structure to appearance, as well as product sales, coupons or sale code generation. This system enables you to build an efficient online shop without requiring specific skills.

It also enables you to extract numerous data elements from your website. You can analyze your customer behavior and adapt your offers accordingly. You will thus have all the tools necessary to run an efficient website.


Free open-source software.

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Shopping carts & eCommerce platforms OsCommerce
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