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WooCommerce enables you to easily transform your Wordpress site into an e-commerce website.

  • Free and easy to use software built on a Wordpress platform.
  • Numerous themes and plugins to customize your e-commerce website.
  • Integration with social networking sites to increase your visibility.
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WooCommerce is a free open-source software that is installed as an add-on to the Wordpress content management system.

You can use it to create your online shop and manage your sales process from inventory to delivery, including payment. You can optimize your visibility and the attractiveness of your website, as well as offer various billing solutions, and improve your underlying code through development kits.

Shopping carts & eCommerce platforms

WooCommerce enables you to transform your traditional Wordpress website into an online store. The plugin enables you to create a full online shop by managing inventory, product catalogue, billing and offer advertisement. It can be very easily adapted to your needs by customizing with specific extensions, in order to add or adapt specific functionalities. The open-source software is completely free, and benefits from extensive support from its user and developer community.

WooCommerce offers numerous options to sellers. All types of products with material or digital content can be sold. Taxes and offers can be adapted, as well as shipment options, based on countries and specificities of customers. Their shopping data can be extracted in order to optimize your interface, and then exported to your sales management tools.

WooCommerce enables customers to provide comments on products. They are presented with advanced search options, and can visualize products of interest without exiting their current window. They can create personal accounts and profiles that they can adjust as needed. They can also share their purchases on social networking platforms.

The program can be modified without constraint through the use of plugins and developer tools. You have access to APIs enabling you to integrate with other services, or share your modifications with GitHub. WooCommerce is simple to modify and benefits from the support of the Wordpress community.


WooCommerce is a free plugin for the Wordpress CMS.

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