Nuukik offers an omnichannel product recommandation engine.

  • Personalized Product Recommendations for every customer on all sales channels.
  • Recommendations set by business rules which optimizes sales.
  • Easy to install, free trial and no engagement.
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The Nuukik engine optimizes and increases your sales with automatic product recommendations through all channels. It provides a better customer experience. This solution is a combination of artificial intelligence as well as the personalized human touch from your salesperson to improve your sales process.


The service is designed for marketers to customize the buying experience for every existing consumer. This automates additional sales through personalized product recommendations (up-sell, cross-sell, etc. ..).
Nuukik also offers an intuitive interface so that the marketers can easily set their business rules. These rules influence the outcome of the recommendations and optimizes the merchandising according to business needs, such as stock levels, margin, price, materials, etc.
Through the intuitive interface you can check out the recommendations the Nuukik engine generates. You can manually associate products, prohibit product recommendations set an easy product display board based on business criteria, and personalized your newsletters, etc..
As an omni solution it can also be integrated into CRM tools used by call centers, live chat, and more
SaaS Solution, easy to install with connectors for most open sources solutions and with an API REST/JSON and a web service for specific systems.


Monthly subscription
Monthly subscription Starting at 99€/month

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