Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics enables you to collect and interpret user data in your software ecosystem.

  •  Many variables and custom metrics.
  • Advanced rights management, allowing you to customize access for different users.
  •  Integration with more than 500 professional software tools.
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Adobe Analytics, formerly Omniture, is a software that enables you to measure your audience and features interpretive data to help predict future changes.

It integrates smoothly with many marketing tools, and
can track metrics on your mobile applications. It also allows for very specific rights management of different users.

Analytics & Tag Management

Analytics">Adobe Analytics is the web audience analytics tool from Adobe, formerly called Omniture. It offers advanced features to help you better understand the behavior of your users, and also enables you to increase lead generation and optimize your site.

The main asset of Analytics">Adobe Analytics is its extensive customization. Over time, you can create any type of custom metric in order to accurately identify problem areas for users, and the system of cross channel analysis identifies which campaigns work best on all media. By finely adjusting your criteria, you can simultaneously test a large number of changes to determine the optimal mix.

Once data has been collected, predictive analytics tools help extrapolate from this information and determine the variables that most affect your conversion rate. This helps you predict the outcome of your activities online and offline, and make the most effective choices.

Analytics">Adobe Analytics can help you trace how visitors arrived at your site, even over several days. This enables you to better understand your customers and adapt your advertising campaigns.

This software is compatible with more than 500 widely used professional software tools. This allows the resulting analyses to be added directly into your workflow, allowing you to make quick decisions.


Flat fee
Pricing is based on a fixed license fee and a variable cost based on usage.

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