Moz (Seo Moz)

Moz is a comprehensive marketing analytics suite which centralizes and processes data from your various marketing channels.

  • Centralization of data from your inbound marketing to know what attracts your readers.
  • Benchmarking, to see your performance compared to your competitors.
  • Assistance with task management, showing you the next step to improve your conversion rate.
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Moz is an analytics solution that helps you optimize traffic to your various acquisition channels. It specializes in inbound marketing, and has a very flexible pricing structure according to usage.

It can simultaneously manage the impact of several campaigns, according to many criteria and on different media. Thanks to Moz, you can get ahead of your competitors and make the best choices.


Moz, formerly SEO">SEOmoz, is a marketing analysis solution. It enables you to track and manage all the data generated by your various advertising channels.

By connecting this data, you can have an overview of your campaigns, as the dashboard tracks and gives you a unique and dynamic reading. You can determine how your links have been shared and where you were mentioned, as well as your performance relative to competitors. Moz is a smart tool, as it suggests new ways and channels through which you can interact with your customers. Based on your criteria, it seeks the best opportunities to increase your return on investment.

With its system of mentions, you can track the popularity of your brand on social networks and sites and react quickly to create a link with your customers and, where appropriate, correct a problem. The program performs extensive research to give you an overview of your industry and your competitors, so you know how you can maximize your influence.

Moz has a comprehensive search tool, allowing you to find the best keywords for your campaigns, to know where to place your links and what is being said about you, and how to improve your SEO">SEO.


Monthly fee
Moz offers four plans, from $99 to $599 per month.

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