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Rakuten is a broad marketplace network present on several continents.

  • Network build with strong brands
  • Transparent pricing
  • Possibility of consulting with an e-commerce specialist, in your own domain.
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Rakuten is a huge online sales network, found on four continents.

It guarantees security and trust between buyers and sellers. It is intended primarily for professionals, and it provides them with powerful online tools such as catalog management and product promotion. Rakuten is based on powerful brands like Priceminister, Play.com or Buy.com.


Rakuten is an online sales service which enables you to publish your product catalog and access an international clientele. Rakuten is present on four continents and in nine languages, and it can help you to easily develop your online sales.

Rakuten charges a flat rate per month and a commission on each sale. Depending on the account, increasing the monthly price decreases the commission, and the online catalog, store customization and support are free. This structure enables you to easily predict your costs.

Rakuten has a very easy to use interface, which allows you to link your account to your e-commerce site. This enables you to manage your orders and stock from one place, without having to open several stores. You can upload your catalog on the site in many ways, and customize your layout. The platform is completely secure, and payment is verified before you receive the order, allowing you to sell without stress.

Rakuten offers many additional services (marketing...). You can delegate your logistics and adjust your shipping costs, as well as improve your visibility and manage your clients.


Monthly fee + Usage based
The more expensive the package, the lower the commission.

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